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Instant, Automatic verifications of consumer credit & auto applications with 99% accuracy

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Income as
Residence as
Are they who they say they are?
Have the required insurance?

Informed By The Numbers

Data-driven Statistics

0 % of all U.S.
Auto loans are processed through Informed’s APIs
$ 0 B
Originated to date with Informed’s automation
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Consumer lenders trust Informed’s technology

The Benefits

Why Informed?


Calculate and clear stipulations in under 30 seconds

Regulatory Compliance

Consistency, auditability, less bias

Reduce Cost and Increase Accuracy

Process more loans faster while reducing manual errors

Informed in Action

Tap the video to see how Informed works with Mortgage and Automotive loans.

Our Mission

Our mission is to lower the cost of credit using AI for real-time transparency, greater financial inclusivity, and improved compliance.

Westlake Financial uses Informed’s AI to automate verifications and mitigate fraud as we become the largest, independently-owned auto lender in the U.S.

Kyle Dietrich SVP of Originations at Westlake Financial Services

Informed is real-time verification instead of manually picking every document and checking things like the potential borrower's income.

Dinesh Chopra Chief Strategy & Corporate Development Officer, Ally

Informed understands banks’ real-time document decisioning needs and solves them using machine learning and AI.

Andy Ivankovich Former SVP & General Manager, Digital Lending & Account Origination Products, Fiserv

    Modern Solutions

    How It Works

    Automate Existing Credit and Funding Policies

    Calculate income in real-time according to your policies configured by Informed. Verify applicant information with over 44 different document types that Informed automates including paystubs, bank statements, SSI award letters, W-2s, tax returns, and many others.

    Quick Speed to Market

    Informed sits between your Loan Origination System (LOS) and the application sources, allowing all credit approvals and documents to be processed without heavy lifting from IT. Your systems continue working as normal with the added benefit of Informed’s automated verifications accessible via a stand-alone portal.

    Model Risk Management & Compliance

    We know how important security is to you and your company. Informed is on a mission to help companies like yours unlock the potential of your data while ensuring that it remains secure, private, and under your control.

    As Featured in American Banker