Argyle & Informed Join Forces to Transform Modern Lending

Argyle’s streaming income data and Informed’s real-time verifications are expanding lenders’ coverage and optimizing the decisioning process

Since Informed’s founding in 2016, we’ve helped lenders increase capture rates, lower the cost of credit, and promote financial inclusivity; especially for critical services like auto loans. Our platform uses AI and machine learning to unlock insights trapped within consumer documents. This allows lenders to paint a more holistic picture of creditworthiness, minimize risk, and make quicker underwriting and funding decisions. All while extending life-changing services to traditionally underrepresented borrowers.

If that sounds a lot like Argyle’s mission, that’s because it is. Argyle is committed to streamlining access to income data and empowering lenders with instant, comprehensive visibility into their customers’ financial health, so they can move beyond restrictive criteria like credit scores.

Now teamed up, Argyle’s streaming income data and Informed’s real-time verifications platform have pooled our expertise in auto and other consumer loans to automate the decisioning process and make underwriting even easier for modern lenders. Continue reading here.

As Featured in American Banker